Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hovercraft Applications

Available as a 4-stroke 120HP or 2-stroke 65HP variant & taking up to 4 adults with speeds up to 40mph.

The Hov Pod SPX is the perfect all in one craft to take on the role of other vehicles for traditional coastal/inland/border patrol. It is also just about the only vehicle suitable for many areas inaccessible to conventional vehicles & can operate over mud, riverbeds, tidal regions, rapids, shingle beaches, open water, grass, sand, swamps, marshland, weeds, submerged plants, snow, desert, ice, roads, shallow lakes & dried up salt marshes.

The new TCC 3-layer composite High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), is lightweight, extremely buoyant, yet far stronger & more impact resistant than brittle glass fibre (GRP) which cracks & breaks on impact. You can hit HDPE with a mallet or jump up & down on it without cracking it, this means the Hov Pod can withstand operational use, impacts, knocks & bumps that destroy other craft.

The Hov Pod skirt material is a unique specially developed weave & fabric combination with anti-rip properties & incredible wear resistance. It means you can operate in greater safety & will not be forever changing or repairing skirts. Individual skirt sections & the unique IAPSS skirt design gives far greater flexibility, continued operational ability & high speed safety.

Hov Pod’s have been used in many applications & by various clients in severe conditions, just a few amongst these include:
  • They have been used by the UN world food organisation.
  • Used by the oil industry in remote locations in central Asia & Middle East.
  • Used as commercial workboats & rescue boats day in day out at various locations.
  • Australian EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • South Korean fire & rescue departments
  • Used in dried up salt lakes for many 100's of hours.
  • They have been used in northern Norway & Canada in winter.
  • Used in the Middle East & African counties such as Sudan & the Congo in desert & very hot & dusty areas.
  • They have been used by the German DLRG
  • They have been used by the Red Cross
  • They have undergone European inspection in France. The Hov Pod went through the French Centre de Securite Des Navires marine certification approval. This stringent process involved technical/fire/safety inspection, flooded buoyancy tests & operational use.
  • They have been approved by Harrods of London for sale.

Hov Pods have been used for many applications including:

  • Border/coastal/inland patrol, anti terrorism, drug smuggling patrol.
  • High speed marine sub surface & ground scanning survey & detection.
  • Rescue work from flooded areas, mud, sand, tidal areas. Hovercraft do not create the problem with downdraft associated with helicopters, & a fraction of the cost to purchase, operate & maintain. Rescuers can reach floods, mud, sand & ice victims without exposing rescuers to life threatening danger.
  • Distribution of famine or flood aid support craft. Relief work (United Nations).
  • Civil emergency & infrastructure support
  • Oil industry survey, exploration & pipeline patrol.
  • Electrical Power-line patrol & safety.
  • Remote mining access support vehicle.
  • River, lake & port geological surveys.
  • Mud & riverbed sampling.
  • Environmental projects & clean-up operations.
  • Airport bird scaring/support/rescue services.
  • Coastal civil engineering & bridge construction & repair/maintenance.
  • Transport, service & safety craft for river & low tide coastal work where 24-hour access is vital for staff safety.
  • Fish farm & low tide access.
  • Leisure & family fun. Rental Operations, Corporate entertainment. Education, schools. Summer fetes & shows.
  • Access to Riverside, lakeside & island properties. Hovercraft travel over mud, sand & ice. Hovercraft are not restricted by tide, or fast running water. Or shallow water, or submerged rocks, coral, or marine life.
  • SuperYacht Tenders
  • Filming & TV work. Store sales & advertising (Harrods).